Textile Manufacturer & Distributor

The Quantum Group is a producer of high quality, custom-manufactured fabrics which are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Quantum has a complex corporate structure consisting of seven companies in three different physical locations. Managing this corporate structure without excessive software expenses was critical for Quantum’s business.

Switching from NetSuite to Acumatica

The Quantum Group, a producer of high quality fabrics, found it hard to remain with NetSuite. They had to limit their number of users to keep costs from escalating, and customer support was less than ideal.

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They implemented:

  • Distribution Management Suite
  • Financial Management Suite
  • Customer Management Suite

They were able to:

  • Eliminate SaaS vendor lock-in by switching from NetSuite
  • Deploy new system in 30 days – including migrating data from NetSuite
  • Manage 7 companies across multiple physical locations
  • Operate in Tier I datacenter using Windows Azure and SQL Azure