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March 2013

Five Challenges All Small Businesses Face

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As a small business owner, I have learned many lessons (some harder than others) on how to keep my business growing and thriving. Here are some of the more memorable challenges:

1. Attracting and KEEPING Employees – I am not able to offer the kind of benefits that a big company offers, but I am determined to provide an environment where employees can learn, grow, get paid well, and have relationships that only a small company fosters. For me, it is important that whoever joins our company fits into the culture, and enjoys the opportunity to become proficient in ways they could never accomplish with a large company.

2. Founder Dependence – As a founder of a small business, I am very focused on the quality and value we offer customers. Founder Dependence is the Achilles heel of a small business. The very qualities that energized the business at the start can now become a stumbling block. I have learned that letting go and delegating responsibilities to employees is challenging, but necessary if we are to evolve as a company. Sometimes I need to step back to allow employees enough room to figure out how to approach an issue. Their solutions may not be exactly how I would handle it, but encouraging them to take on more is the best way for them to learn.

3. Remaining Profitable – The shortcut to profitability lies in examining how everyone in our company can work more efficiently. We are constantly looking at how we deliver products and services to see if we can do it better. We have discovered that the best way to stay profitable is through innovation and optimization. The old adage, “Do more with less” is vital for us as a small business.

4. Overworked and Fatigued – Studies show that being fatigued can lead to rash decisions. As a small business owner, it is my responsibility to take care of my mental and physical health. To keep pace with ever-changing circumstances, I carve out time just for me to help me focus better. Investing in my state of mind pays off in better decisions, and stronger commitment to accomplish what is needed.

5. Seek Expert Help – You don’t know what you don’t know. That is why it is rewarding to seek guidance from other business owners who have “been there, done that.” I belong to a professional group of small business owners who give me encouragement and practical answers to common problems. There is nothing more reassuring than to hear how another successful small business owner resolved a situation.

What challenges do you face in your small business? Please comment below to continue the conversation.

Cloud ERP Software for SMB

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Cloud Based ERP for Medium Sized Business

Acumatica Cloud ERP software has leveled the playing field for (SMBs) small-medium business. Today SMBs can experience the same competitive advantages as big-budget Enterprise level organizations. Successful SMBs are moving to the cloud in record numbers to benefit from technology that boosts profits for existing businesses and creates entirely new business opportunities.

Access from Any Web Device

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides SMBs with access to all its robust functionality (Financial Management, Distribution Management, Project Accounting, and CRM) from any device connected to the web. And, there is no need to ever wonder if your software is upgraded to the latest version as its all taken care of in the cloud.

Grow Your Business with Abandon – No Per-User Pricing

Your business can scale up or down rapidly so you can respond to changing customer demands. There is no per-user pricing with Acumatica Cloud ERP so you are free to grow without the added costs that traditional ERP systems force you to pay.

Eliminate Costly Infrastructure that is Draining Profits

SMBs can improve profits by eliminating the huge overhead costs needed to setup and maintain a traditional “on premise” infrastructure. With Acumatica Cloud ERP, businesses can go from ground-breaking ideas to finished products lightning fast, unencumbered by costly infrastructure.

Get Your Head in the Clouds

Most small to medium businesses would benefit from moving operations to the cloud. Predictions from research groups are that small and midsize business use of cloud applications will grow from 33% to 44% over the coming year, while some studies anticipate the global market for SMB cloud services will expand to $95 billion by 2015.

Some industries thriving in the cloud are listed below:

  • eCommerce
  • Financial Management
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • And more

Please contact PC Bennett Solutions to learn more. We’d love to boost you to the cloud.