Many companies use the powerful UPS application called WorldShip® to initiate shipments of packages and freight for UPS’s pickup and delivery services. Acumatica does connect to WorldShip® out of the box; however, at PC Bennett, we believe in “End-to-End” solutions and try to make systems for Acumatica users as easy to use and seamless as possible.

Integration between Acumatica and UPS Worldship

Automatically import and export data between Acumatica and WorldShip®

  • Create shipments in Acumatica that automatically feed into WorldShip
  • Retrieve data from WorldShip such as costs, weight, and tracking numbers
  • Monitor all of this integration activity in one detailed screen within Acumatica
  • Save a tremendous amount of time by not having to enter the same data twice
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry

Key Benefits

  • Streamline UPS Shipments

    Save time and make your shipment process smoother by greatly reducing manual entry. Create shipment orders in Acumatica that will be automatically pushed to WorldShip for final processing.

  • Multiple Workstations

    Connect any workstation that has UPS WorldShip installed. Entries from each location will feed information to WordShip and bring data back to Acumatica, such as weight, costs, and tracking numbers.

  • Detailed Monitoring

    With detailed event monitoring, users can see updated import and export activity.

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