Acumatica training

You have invested a great deal of time and energy into your new Acumatica ERP Solution. Well trained employees gain the confidence to do their jobs successfully. PC Bennett Solutions offers a training plan to fit your needs and is essential to the success of your ERP solution.

Training begins during the implementation, where we show decision makers and key users how the software works and encourage them to test it for themselves. This process gives key players a way to familiarize themselves with the software right from the beginning, and give us valuable input at the same time.

By coaching power users there is a smoother knowledge transfer to your other employees, and you have the know-how planted firmly within your company. If you have new hires after the implementation, your power users can train them, or you can engage PC Bennett Solutions to train them either onsite or online.

Our trainers not only know how the software works but can help guide you with best practices for your industry.