Why Acumatica

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Introducing your business management system in the cloud.

The Fastest Growing Cloud ERP Business Software

What is Cloud ERP? For modern businesses, it means making use of cloud computing platforms and services to transform their business processes. We all use cloud computing securely every day – think about how you interact online with your bank, pay bills, or even listen to music. Cloud ERP is bringing security and flexibility to modern businesses while leaving behind the headaches of managing and paying for IT infrastructure.

Serving the Pacific Northwest, PC Bennett is proud to be a Gold Certified Partner for Acumatica. PC Bennett chose Acumatica because it offers the only secure cloud-and browser-based small and mid-size business (SMB) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that quickly and easily adapts to your business. The Acumatica suites of products are designed to let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud with none of the drawbacks.

The Path to Profitability Leads Straight to the Cloud

Small to mid-size companies recognize that the path to profitability and growth leads straight to Cloud ERP. Acumatica, the fastest-growing Cloud ERP Business Software, designed their software to operate securely in the cloud from the very beginning.

Why Acumatica?

Acumatica is a comprehensive solution that is highly configurable and extensible, with vast capabilities in its Financial Management, Distribution Management, CRM, and Project Accounting suites. Best of all, with Acumatica you can choose the licensing option that fits your business today and then change it tomorrow to best serve your needs.

Some of the benefits of Acumatica Cloud ERP are:

  • Picture operating your business from any web-based browser – from anywhere you happen to be.
  • Imagine having the flexibility to scale up as your business grows without the added risk and cost of investing in IT infrastructure.
  • Envision never having to deal with version-lock since you will always have the latest version of the software automatically.
  • How much easier would an efficient integrated cloud delivery be than relying on error-prone “management by spreadsheets”?
  • Unavoidable disasters (think hurricane), or anything that would interrupt your business continuity is not an issue in the Cloud. What if all your vital information were safe and secure in the cloud making disaster-recovery easy?

PC Bennett Solutions Helps SMBs Grow with Abandon

PC Bennett Solutions offers Acumatica Cloud ERP to our customers to lower costs and free them to grow with abandon. It works the way your business works for a broad range of industries, including eCommerce, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting and more. Acumatica Cloud ERP eliminates the obstacles holding back business growth by letting you do more with less and is a perfect fit for small to medium businesses who need to reduce overhead in order to compete.