Client Cash Management

For organizations with the fiduciary responsibility for managing and tracking money for persons under their supervision. This could include in-patient mental health facilities, facilities that supervise developmentally disabled individuals, prisons, juvenile detention facilities, etc. PC Bennett provides a comprehensive solution to this challenging responsibility.

Flexible Setup and Configuration

System-wide settings with Facility-level and Client-Level overrides

  • Restitution Withholding and Payment
  • Cost of Care Deductions
  • Personal Needs Allowance
  • Over-Earnings Deduction
  • Over-Resource Deduction
  • Spending Limits
  • Petty Cash Withdrawal Limits
  • Account Overdraw Rules and Limits
  • Intra-Facility ‘Wage’ Rates
  • Facility Locations & Rooms
  • Multiple Unique ID’s
  • Multiple Accounts per Client (Banks Accounts and/or Intra-Facility Accounts)
  • Witness Requirements for Client Transactions
  • Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Vendors
  • Scheduled Recurring Payments

Comprehensive Transaction Processing

  • Mass Import / Processing of Checks Received / Deposited
  • Mass Processing of Checks to Vendors (Recurring, Ad-Hoc, Automated)
  • Pooled Bank Account Interest Allocation
  • Account Transfers & Adjustments
  • Informational-Only Transactions
  • Rules-Based Distribution of Funds on Move/Discharge
  • Streamlined Import/Entry of Intra-Facility ‘Wages’ Earned
  • Petty Cash Withdrawals / Change Returned / Receipt Tracking
  • Simple Reversal of All Client Transactions (Controlled by Security Configuration)
  • Lump-sum Payment Deferred from Cost of Care Deductions


The system comes with a fully-functional Report Writer module plus a Generic Inquiry tool.  It also comes with multiple Pre-Built Reports and Inquiries, including:

  • Account Summary By Client – For a specified date, shows account balances by Client.
  • Report to Guardian – For a specified date range, a statement of account activity, along with the beginning and ending balance for each client assigned to a guardian. Includes both a Summary and Detail version.
  • Client Statement – For a specified date range, a statement of cash activity, along with the overall beginning and ending balance for each client.
  • Sources and Uses of Cash – For a specified date range, shows the Number and Dollar Amount of each type of transaction by Source/Use of Funds types for each client.
  • Client Discharge Inquiry – Shows the Status of Clients currently in the Move/Discharge process.
  • Detailed Inquiries of Client Activity by Date Range:
    • Cost of Care
    • Over-Resource
    • Over-Earnings
    • Restitution Payments
    • All Transaction Details

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