Acumatica Cloud ERP Commerce Edition

With the fully integrated Acumatica Commerce Edition, automotive distributors and manufacturers can go beyond eCommerce to provide Commerce enabled ERP.

Why Acumatica Commerce Edition?

Acumatica Commerce Edition adds powerful eCommerce tools to your Acumatica Cloud ERP system. With tight integration to financials, sales, inventory, CRM and fulfillment systems, Acumatica Commerce Edition goes beyond other eCommerce solutions to provide commerce enabled ERP.

Additionally, the Acumatica connector works with both BigCommerce and Shopify – making it easily to manage a B2B or B2C web store that extends the reach of your business and provides customers with 24×7 access to place parts orders and perform customer self-service inquiries.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Commerce Edition.

With Acumatica Commerce Edition you can:

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Extend the Reach of your Business – While Providing Better Customer Experiences

With eCommerce, you can easily extend the reach of your business beyond the immediate area of your brick and mortar stores. Whether you sell parts B2C, B2B, or both, eCommerce extends your geographical reach and provides your customers with 24×7 access to place orders. Because the Acumatica connector is fully integrated with BigCommerce and Shopify, customers can view their complete purchase history and the status of current orders anytime – and from anywhere.

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Make eCommerce an Extension of your Business

With the Acumatica connector, you can easily manage your BigCommerce and Shopify web store because it is fully integrated with Acumatica ERP. Parts inventory and pricing is centrally managed with Acumatica, so you can view and manage inventory levels in real-time or apply price changes across all sales channels. What’s more, the Acumatica connector supports customer-specific pricing, products and variants, multiple warehouses, discounts, promotions, and more.

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Gain Comprehensive Insight

Gain a comprehensive view of customers purchases and account activity. Weather your customers place orders for parts over the phone, purchase parts “in store” via a POS, or place orders via your web store, all purchase activity is centrally recorded in Acumatica. With a single dashboard, easily view inventory, pick-pack-ship status, returns, customer support and financials.

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Take Advantage of ACES and PIES Subscriptions

Acumatica Commerce Edition is will suited for after-market automotive parts distributors. With an ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) and PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) ready database, PC Bennett can integrate these services with Acumatica so subscribers can take advantage of industry standard part numbers and fitment information.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Commerce Edition Offers Powerful Solutions For Automotive Parts Distributors

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management provides real-time inventory and forecasting tools you can better manage stock levels and costs. With bar codes and bar code scanners, automotive parts distributors can reduce inventory errors and streamline the fulfillment process.

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Order Management

Manage sales activities, streamline procurement processes, and automate parts order fulfillment for customers.

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Warehouse Management

Acumatica warehouse management solutions simplify the inventory receiving, inventory management, and order fulfillment process. Automotive parts distributors can also utilize mobile phones and tablets for barcode scanning to ensure correct part selection.

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Point of Sale

Manage point of sale transactions with a mobile-friendly, touch screen compatible application with connectivity to cash registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and credit card terminals.

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Acumatica for BigCommerce Native Connector

Acumatica’s Commerce Edition comes with the native Acumatica for BigCommerce Connector, which allows you to connect your BigCommerce storefront with a Acumatica’s flexible back-office system that grows with your company.

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Acumatica for Shopify Native Connector

Acumatica’s native integration to Shopify connects your Shopify storefront with Acumatica’s financials, inventory, and product information in real-time. Robust, Flexible, Integrated.

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Here are just some of the ways eCommerce can help automotive parts distributors:

Speed Up Order Processing and Fulfillment

Reduce shipping and packing errors by automatically printing barcode labels on pick tickets. Scan picked auto parts when they are placed in a box and confirm shipment. Integrate with USPS, UPS WorldShip, and FedEx Ship stations for even greater efficiency.

Streamline Returns and Exchanges

Boost customer satisfaction by automating shipping and receiving workflows. Manage returns for credit with automated reporting and quality control.

Provide an Omnichannel Experience

Centralize processing by integrating your eCommerce site with backend software from Acumatica. Matrix items simplify the creation and maintenance of parts that have different variations. Increase the efficiency of warehouse operations by using advanced methods of picking parts for shipment, such as wave picking and batch picking workflows.

Reduce Stock-Outs and Back Orders

Connect with Acumatica Inventory Management to optimize your stock levels through automated replenishment. Get real-time inventory counts across your business with a website that is integrated with your ERP system.

Gain a Single Source of Truth

Centralize sales processing for all channels. Use single-stream fulfillment for online, counter, catalog, and telemarketing sales.

Offer a World-Class eCommerce Presence

Integrate Acumatica to popular eCommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Connect Acumatica to marketplaces using our powerful integration technology.

Integration with BigCommerce and Shopify

Integrate your BigCommerce or Shopify web store with Acumatica using the native connector. Included with the Acumatica Commerce Edition, it provides a flexible, limitless, unified eCommerce solution.

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