Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition

A complete, multi-site cloud manufacturing control and planning system for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing.

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition?

Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition integrates production planning and shop floor management with ERP so manufacturers have a complete view of their business. Manufacturers can easily manage production activities while also accessing customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and financial reporting. Acumatica provides a web based interface so manufacturing teams can use mobile devices and scanning to capture material issues, move transactions, and redeploy labor resources.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition is an ideal solution for:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Electronic Machinery and Components
  • Metals
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Instruments and Related Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics

I can say that the version of Macola that I was on, compared to Acumatica, it’s night and day. You can’t even compare the two. Acumatica is so much better. Just from a usability and flexibility and data extraction point of view.

Bob BourriagueCOO of Ubio Labs, Inc.

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits a Complete ERP like Acumatica Can Have for Manufacturers:

Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition Flow

One Solution for Your Business

Acumatica provides feature-rich cloud manufacturing ERP software. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition extends Acumatica’s Distribution Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, and Project Accounting suites. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides real-time coordination of your business activities from one central location, while cross-application integration allows you to have visibility across the entire business wherever you are.

Meet Your Schedules

Forecast demand while optimizing resources for effectiveness and cost control by planning with our manufacturing ERP software. Use Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) and Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) to balance material requirements with production schedules.

Grows with Your Business

Powerful and complete functionality for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, and repetitive manufacturing adapts to your business as you grow and change.

Exercise full control from engineering change request to engineering change order to engineering change notice with approvals throughout each step in the process.

Track Your Costs

Track material and labor costs as you manage your products. Compare standard and planned production costs to actual costs of production.



Here Are Just Some of the Features You Will Find in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition:

Simplified BOM Management

Easily create, maintain, and control master product and process definitions with one screen.

BOM Revision Control

Maintain a complete revision history of BOM/routing. Save and view multiple revisions – past, present, and future – as well as the reason for each revision.

BOM Effectivity/Expiration Dates

Control material planning and usage according to effectivity dates for content change phase-in and phase-out.

BOM Cost Roll

Flexible cost roll for a single-level or multi-level BOM by item or site. Acumatica automatically “rolls-up” costs of lower-level items providing comprehensive costing information. Additionally, in a standard cost operation Acumatica will update the costs based on the pending standard cost for each item in inventory.

Production Order Tracking

Capture total manufacturing costs for a production order, including material, labor, machine, tool, overhead, and outside processes.

Lot and Serial Tracking

Maintain full lot and serial traceability throughout the lifecycle of the item. Capture lot and serial numbers at purchase receipt, inventory issues, and shop activity transactions.

Material Tracking

Issue stock and non-stock materials and parts to a production order. Capture lot and serial numbers on controlled items.

Easily Plan Material Requirements

Generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability tied to forecast and customer demands. Reduce inventory while improving customer service and avoiding shortages.

Material Forecasting

Calculate or manually enter independent forecasts or forecasts consumed by sales orders. Create one-time, weekly, monthly, or yearly forecasts.

Simplified Planning and Scheduling

Optimize production runs by integrating key elements, including materials, production capacity, process sequence, and facility schedules, into real-time planning and execution.

Machine and Tool Scheduling

Easily schedule specific machines and tools for when both the employee and equipment are available.

Quickly Generate Accurate Estimates

Quickly generate accurate estimates that include material, overhead, labor and miscellaneous costs.

Manage Change Control

Manage engineering change requests by BOM and revision including requested dates, effective dates, requester names, priority codes and other details. Easily enter and tie change requests to Engineering Change Orders.

Shop Floor Data Capture

Using bar codes and mobile scanning devices, easily capture material movement and labor transactions directly from the shop floor in real-time.

Advanced Inventory Tools

Gain real-time insight into inventory levels, inventory in transit, and inventory costs. Manage multiple warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations, and costs.

Multiple Inventory Valuation Methods

Acumatica provides support for multiple inventory cost methods. These costing methods include standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific methods. You can even select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Acumatica makes it easy to adjust cost and physical inventory counts right from reports and inquiry screens.

Compressive Order Management

Manage all aspects of the order management process, including sales orders, credit limit verification, purchasing integration, and vendor bidding. With full integration to CRM, you gain a comprehensive real-time view of customer activity.

Automated Requisitioning

Automate the entire requisitioning process, including collecting orders, collecting supplier bids, sending and approving quotes, issuing purchase orders, and receiving goods. Authorize users to select from your catalog, limit requests to specific goods, or enter descriptions

Comprehensive Purchase Order Management

Submit purchase orders to multiple locations, specify drop shipments or blanket orders, create multi-level approval paths to match existing business processes, print or email purchase orders, or even receive partial or consolidated orders.

Automated Shipments

Acumatica includes predefined packing rules for specific products, so it is easy to fulfill large shipping volumes. With just a few clicks, Acumatica automatically determines the correct package types, generates labels, and confirms shipments for multiple orders.

Tools for Pick, Pack, and Ship

Tools that making the pick, pack and ship process easy and efficient:

  • Generate wave or batch pick lists based on the best path for each available picker
  • Use barcodes to speed up the picking process and increase order accuracy
  • Provide adequate package size and packing material to ensure safe transport
  • Support barcodes and lot/serial numbers for accurate order completion
  • Easily correct errors in amount, weight, items, and more
  • Integrate with digital scales and printers to automatically weigh and print labels and packing slips
  • Ensure prompt pickup through your preferred carrier
  • Automate shipment label generation
  • Set up automatic tracking on all shipments
  • Notify customers of shipment progress through each stage of order fulfillment.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx Integration

Acumatica includes shipping integrations to USPS, UPS, and FedEx, making it easy to shop rates across carriers and to select the best rate for shipping your inventory. Additionally, Acumatica automatically takes any contracted rates you have with USPS, UPS, and FedEx into consideration during the rate shopping process.

Acumatica also records the selected freight carrier’s tracking number on the sales order, making it easy to track shipments and respond to customer inquires. With full support for carrier specific labels, Acumatica makes it easy to complete shipments and provide customers with return labels.

Manufacturing Management System Evaluation Checklist - Thumbnail

Evaluation Checklist

Review this insightful checklist to help determine the most important items manufacturers should consider in a new ERP system and to determine if Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition is right for your business.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition Offers Powerful Solutions For Manufacturers

Bill of Materials and Routing

Efficiently plan and manage inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes as well as full revision control. See both engineering and financial views of product structure.

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Production Management

Schedule production on the shop floor and track material and labor costs. Compare standard and planned production costs to the actual costs of the production order.

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory with the powerful Acumatica Manufacturing Edition MRP planning tool.

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Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Meet customer demands by setting accurate and reliable delivery dates based on availability of resources with Acumatica’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

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Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)

Print barcodes and utilize scanners to capture data from the shop floor including labor and material transactions as well as inventory movement.

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Engineering Change Control (ECC)

Manage version control and updates to bills of material (BOM) and routings all while controlling effective dates that impact material planning, costing, and scheduling.

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Create estimates for new or existing items. Convert into bills of material, production orders, or other estimates.

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Product Configurator

A multi-level, dimensional, rules-based system with non-hierarchical feature selections and configuration evaluation. Use on quotes, sales orders, and/or production orders with real-time price and cost rollup.

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Advanced Inventory

Gain real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs. Efficiently manage multiple warehouses, lots, inventory sub-items, expiration dates, and bin locations.

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Order Management

Manage sales activities, streamline procurement processes, and automate order fulfillment for internal or external clients.

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Purchase Order Management

Reduce costs and improve vendor relationships by automating and centrally managing your global purchasing processes. Acumatica’s online sourcing automates the entire procurement process from vendor quotes to paying invoices.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Streamline distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations in receiving, inventory management and order fulfillment. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs with barcode scanners on phones and tablets.

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Service Management

The visual Dispatch Calendar Board gets the right people to the right service or job every time.

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Project Accounting

Know the actual costs of internal or external projects. Manage budgeting, time sheets, project inventory, and complex billing. Compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets using visual dashboards.

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Advanced Financials

Augment Acumatica’s base financials with advanced financial capabilities, including General Ledger consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition.

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Here Are Some Tools for Determining if Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is Right for Your Business:

Acumatica Whitepaper - Manufacturing KPIs Thumbnail

Does your manufacturing company monitor the right performance indicators?

In this informative white paper, learn about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that manufacturing companies should monitor and see how Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition can easily provide them.

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Here Are Some Customer Testimonials of How Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Transformed Their Business:

Customer Interview: Danforth Pewter

Founded in 1975, but tracing its family roots in pewter manufacturing back to 1755, Danforth Pewter designs and crafts handmade pewter items. Danforth Pewter sells their pewter items online, in its six retail locations, and through wholesale accounts and kiosks. In this customer interview, the team at Danforth Pewter describes how PC Bennett Solutions and Acumatica Cloud ERP have been an ideal solution for their manufacturing business.

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Customer Testimonials

Originally, we were using QuickBooks, and, I mean, you can’t even compare Acumatica to QuickBooks.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices, and more value to the users.

Francisco CalligariCIO at Guardian SealTech

Being able to see what’s going on across our entire business in one snap-shot is invaluable. With Acumatica, our labor costs have gone down and our inventory control error rate have been reduced.

Bram KleppnerCEO of Danforth Pewter

Acumatica has allowed us to be a better digital business. From Sales to Operations, from Admin to C-Level Executives, Acumatica allows us to have insights into data to make good decisions to grow our business in a powerful way.

Bryan PapéFounder & CEO of MIIR

Our payroll requirements are unique, and a critical part of our buying decision was the ability to pay directly from an imported file vs manual data entry into the system. With payroll being time sensitive, this is a big plus.

Lilly EstradaHuman Resource & Payroll Mgr. | C&O Nursery

Flexibility in customization, unlimited users, support from our provider and access from any device were top reasons for our satisfaction.

Curt NortonController | C&O Nursery

Game changer for us was the ability to set-up a Finished Good Item with its Bill of Materials, issue a Production PO, and issue several component level POs from various manufacturers that are all tied together. No more manual reconciliation.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

They (PC Bennett Solutions) just know Acumatica so well. Their depth of knowledge was great, and working with owner Patricia Bennett was the same; everyone has been so helpful.

Beth MorriseyVP of Finance and IT | Danforth Pewter