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Acumatica Cloud ERP provides solutions for automotive parts distributors that improve supply chain management, provide real-time inventory status, and the customer and financial management tools needed to operate their business.

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP for Automotive Parts Distributors?

With the Acumatica Distribution Edition, automotive parts distributors can efficiently purchase and manage inventory, makes sales, and fulfill orders. It also helps forecast future parts inventory levels based on sales history and trends so you can minimize inventory carrying costs, increase cash flow, and reduce “stock outs” for parts.

Additionally, with Fitment from PC Bennett, Acumatica Cloud ERP also simplifies the sales order entry process because only the parts that fit the customer’s vehicle display. What’s more, Acumatica Distribution Edition is fully integrated with other modules, so automotive distributors have the tools to manage all other aspects of their business.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Edition Offers Powerful Solutions For Automotive Parts Distributors

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced inventory management provides real-time inventory and forecasting tools you can better manage stock levels and costs. With bar codes and bar code scanners, automotive parts distributors can reduce inventory errors and streamline the fulfillment process.

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Warehouse Management

Acumatica warehouse management solutions simplify the inventory receiving, inventory management, and order fulfillment process. Automotive parts distributors can also utilize mobile phones and tablets for barcode scanning to ensure correct part selection.

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Supply Chain Management

Manage all aspects of the supply chain process, including requisitions, purchasing, receiving, sales, and delivery. Acumatica also includes requisition tools that simplify the purchasing process when there are multiple suppliers for the same part.

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Financial Management

Acumatica is a complete and integrated solution that also includes the tools needed to manage your financials. Because the system is fully integrated, you have real-time access to financial, inventory, customer, vendor, sales, and other business data.

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Provide Customers with a Powerful Omnichannel Experience

With Acumatica Cloud ERP Distribution Edition, you can add optional modules that provide a seamless omnichannel experience to customers. You can add powerful bi-directional connectors to Shopify and BigCommerce web stores so customers have 24/7 access to place or view the status or orders. Additionally, you can add Point of Sale for customer present/instore transactions. Because all modules are fully integrated, your team has a comprehensive view of all customer account history making it easy to provide exceptional customer service.

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PC Bennett Fitment Simplifies Automotive Parts Selection for Automotive Parts Distributors

PC Bennett knows automotive parts distribution, because it is more than a specialty, it is a personal passion. It is from this passion that PC Bennett developed our Fitment solution that simplifies parts selection during the sales process. The same part is often interchangeable with one or more automobiles. When configuring parts inventory, fitment allows automotive parts distributors to list each vehicle by make, model and year that the part will fit. Conversely, when the sales team enters the make, model, and year of the customer’s automobile on the sales order, Fitment filters parts to only those which will fit the customer’s automobile so the entry process is quick and easy.

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Here are just some of the ways a complete ERP system like Acumatica can help automotive parts distributors:

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Automated Shipments

Acumatica includes predefined packing rules for specific parts so it is easy to fulfill large shipping volumes. With just a few clicks, Acumatica automatically determines the correct packaging types, generates labels, and confirms shipments for multiple orders.

Customer Notification

Better manage customer expectations using the option to e-mail updates when the status of a sales order is updated. For example, when the status of a sales order goes from open to shipped, Acumatica can send the corresponding tracking numbers to the customer.

Customer Relationship Management

Convert CRM opportunities into sales orders without re-entering pricing and discount information. Acumatica includes powerful customer service tools so your team can quickly and easily respond to customer inquires. Acumatica also makes it easy for your team to find the status of an order with just a few clicks.

Insight into Inventory Transfers

Easily transfer parts inventory between different warehouses. When transferring parts inventory between warehouses, Acumatica stores “in transit” parts inventory in the Goods in Transit General Ledger account so you always know the status of inventory in transit.

Inventory Bin/Location Control

Inventory bins and location controls make it easy for you to create a physical and logical warehouse structure. For each warehouse, specify the allowable part types and part transactions. You can also define the priority of when parts are picked and the cost of items.

Inventory Lot and Serial Numbering

With Acumatica you can track parts by lot number and/or serial number. Assign a lot or serial number when you receive, issue, or assemble parts. Further more, link serial numbers to item-specific valuation methods.

Inventory Replenishment Suggestions

Acumatica Cloud ERP includes powerful tools that analyze historical sales data so automotive parts distributors can avoid over stocking, stock outs, and improve cash flow.

Multiple Valuation Methods

Acumatica provides support for multiple parts inventory cost methods. These costing methods include standard cost, moving average, FIFO, and item-specific methods. You can even select a different valuation method for each inventory part. Acumatica makes it easy to adjust cost and physical inventory counts right from reports and inquiry screens.

Purchase Order Automation

Acumatica includes replenishment algorithms so it can automatically generate purchase orders based on inventory levels. Furthermore, Acumatica generates the purchase orders for the vendor who best meets price and delivery time requirements.

USPS, UPS, and FedEx Integration

Acumatica includes shipping integrations to USPS, UPS, and FedEx, making it easy to shop rates across carriers and to select the best rate for shipping your automotive parts. Additionally, Acumatica automatically takes any contracted rates you have with USPS, UPS, and FedEx into consideration during the rate shopping process.

Acumatica also records the selected freight carrier’s tracking number on the sales order, making it easy to track shipments and respond to customer inquires. With full support for carrier specific labels, Acumatica makes it easy to complete shipments and provide customers with return labels.

Workflow and Approvals

Acumatica makes it easy to define workflow rules for sales orders and purchase orders. Based on the type of order, you can define rules for vendor information, discount amount, order amount, or transaction-specific information.

Partial and Consolidated Receipts/Vouchers

Acumatica makes it easy to apply full or partial inventory receipts against a purchase order. You can also easily apply parts inventory received on a single receipt against multiple purchase orders or enter multiple bills against a single receipt.

Sales Order Discounts and Promotions

Acumatica allows you to define volume discounts and multiple discounts per item so it is easy to manage complex pricing and discount policies. With price overrides, it is easy to establish pricing policies while still having the option to override prices in specific cases.

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