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Successful Distributors Require Visibility and Communication

Household Goods: Retail and Commerce

MiiR is a manufacturer of stainless-steel drinkware. Wanting to be a truly connected and digital business, they were feeling the pain of slowness with QuickBooks among other strategies for order processing like Shopify data and Google Sheets. MiiR knew they needed more than just a time-saving tool. They needed a one source of truth system to be able to have a really clear way to let customers know what’s going on with orders as well as to put the access right at staff members fingertips.

They implemented:

  • Distribution Management Suite
  • Financial Management Suite
  • Manufacturing Edition
Comparing QuickBooks vs Acumatica

Challenges Overcome

  • Dramatically improved access to good data including financials
  • Streamlined warehouse operations, resulting in more efficiency
  • Inventory updated in real time saving Warehouse Manager from responding to inquiries to check stock levels
  • Reduced training costs with easy-to-use, intuitive system that allows employees to get up to speed quickly
  • Customer service improvement as Account Managers can provide visibility into order status
  • Mobile access to business information as team members travel or are away from the office or warehouse

Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories: Retail and Commerce

Shoebacca started as a Mom and Pop reseller on eBay, selling athletic shoes, and graduated in 2007 into a fast-growing online retailer reselling name brands at competitive prices through its own website.

Tired of being surprised by hidden costs with Oracle NetSuite, when its infrastructure couldn’t support the rapid growth, Shoebacca implemented Acumatica, which streamlined its inventory and automated many accounting and warehouse processes.

Key Results

  • Integrated online store, warehouse management system and financial software
  • Eliminated IT capital costs and need for on-premises data center
  • Gained better control over inventory
  • Eliminated need for in-house development team
  • Automated many accounting functions, streamlining operations

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