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AutoFitmentPlus powered by Acumatica

AutoFitmentPlus is a complete and fully integrated end-to-end solution designed to manage your entire automotive aftermarket business. Built on top of Acumatica Cloud ERP, it also integrates vehicle classification data, ACES, PIES, and VIN to make it easy to lookup parts and manage parts inventory.

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Client Cash Management

For organizations with the fiduciary responsibility for managing and tracking money for persons under their supervision. This could include in-patient mental health facilities, facilities that supervise developmentally disabled individuals, prisons, juvenile detention facilities, etc. PC Bennett provides a comprehensive solution to this challenging responsibility.

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Petty Cash Management

For organizations that need to manage multiple cash boxes or cash drawers for use by employees or individuals under their supervision. This easy-to-use module keeps a tight rein on petty cash tracking, helping to avoid fraud and data tracking issues.

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Strengthen Your Business With Powerful Fraud Detection

Positive Pay makes it easier to detect fraudulent checks by automatically cross-referencing check data with the checks your company receives or issues. Data such as serial numbers and dollar amounts of checks are referenced to make sure they match on both ends of payment, ultimately reducing fraudulent activity toward your business.

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Container Management

PC Bennett’s Shipping Container Management allows tracking of your shipment from wharf to warehouse. Include all your landed costs, so your margins reflect your total expense.

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