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Big News – Acumatica Partner PC Bennett Is Turning 18!

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Thank You to All of Our Customers for Making This Journey Possible – We Love Being Your Acumatica Partner


Remember your 18th birthday? Odds are, your answer is “yes.” After all, it was a milestone.

As we celebrate PC Bennett’s birthday, we have been taking some time to look back over everything that has happened over the past 18 years. From Patricia’s start in 2002 as a stay-at-home mom working with Microsoft Small Business Manager, all the way to becoming an award-winning Acumatica partner with offices and staff across the nation and customers around the world, it’s been great.

What a journey it’s been – and it’s all thanks to our incredible customers.

Here Are a Few Highlights Along the Way:

  • In 2002 when Patricia started the company, she thought she could handle everything herself as a stay-at-home mom customizing Microsoft Small Business Manager. The business grew quickly.
  • By 2003, she had dragged her husband, Chris, into the business. He had been working nights to help Patricia with software customizations but was worried about working full time for the company. He said, “We can’t put all our eggs in one basket,” to which Patricia replied, “But we don’t have any eggs or baskets yet!”
  • By 2004, Patricia added her first official staff member, quickly followed by another hire, a software developer, in 2005. Both the staff member and the software developer worked out of a playroom upstairs in Patricia and Chris’s house, doing all their work from an IKEA desk.
  • Later in 2005, PC Bennett hired another staff member who had to work from the kitchen table because the IKEA desk in the playroom was full. (Shortly after that, we got our first office.)
  • With a total of 5 people working hard to grow the company, PC Bennett began expanding exponentially. We added more staff, more offices, and more services. By 2014, Patricia sold her Microsoft practice to focus 100% on her Acumatica customers.
  • Then in 2016, PC Bennett acquired Roc Solutions, which added our COO Tim O’Sullivan to the team along with offices in Texas.
  • Now, PC Bennett does all Acumatica services, including software development for our leading go-to solutions. If you’ve used AutoFitmentPlus, Client Cash Management, Petty Cash Management, Positive Pay, and Shipping Container Management, you’ve been working with a PC Bennett software product.
  • Are you using Acumatica Payroll? PC Bennett wrote and sold that module to Acumatica.
  • Now, PC Bennett is an award-winning Acumatica partner with offices in Texas and Washington, with staff across the country and customers all over the world – and we have something important to say to all of our customers…

…Thank You to Our Wonderful Customers for Sharing This Journey and Letting Us Be Your Acumatica Partner!

Every step of the way, customers like you (yes, you!) have been there for us, just as we have been there for you. In fact, your ever-evolving business needs are what encouraged us to grow our skills, our capabilities, and our staff so much over the past 18 years.

The skills you’ve encouraged us to build have led to multiple awards, including:

  • Acumatica Modern Partner of the Year: 2018 (for everything including services, implementation, and subscription)
  • Acumatica Service Excellence Award: 2018 (for best scores in service)
  • Acumatica MVP: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Acumatica Gold-Certified Partner

Though you may see it as simply calling us up and asking us to tweak a setting, implement a new module, or help solve an unexpected challenge, every one of your requests has pushed us to be a better company and Acumatica partner, so we know we will be there for you when you need us.

We look forward to helping you even more over the next 18 years and beyond – what an incredible journey it has been and will continue to be!

Not yet a PC Bennett customer? Discover the PC Bennett difference.


PC Bennett Solutions offers a personalized, full-service experience for customers by implementing business management technology. Through a hands-on approach, PC Bennett Solutions helps companies get the most out of their software system. The team provides training, implementation and customization of Acumatica. Headquartered in the Seattle area and with offices in Dallas, PC Bennett Solutions is one of the largest exclusive Acumatica resellers. For more information, visit www.pcbennett.com.

PC Bennett award for Acumatica ERP MVP.

PC Bennett is Now Home to Three Acumatica MVP Winners

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Patricia Bennett and Tim O’Sullivan named Acumatica 2020 MVP winners!

PC Bennett is proud to announce that Patricia Bennett and Tim O’Sullivan are named among the 2020 Acumatica MVP winners. Thanks to this most recent win, PC Bennett is now home to three MVPs, including Paul Mainard. Only five Acumatica partners enjoy this special distinction, establishing the incredible team at PC Bennett as an industry leader.

How are Acumatica MVPs selected?

Acumatica MVPs, or Most Valuable Professionals, are nominated for the distinction by their peers and clients. MVPs are dedicated to their customers and put in the effort and commitment to know Acumatica’s products inside and out. Not only do they know the products and services, but they also share that knowledge with others in their community by participating in forums, online repositories, webinars, and Acumatica engagements.

MVPs are recognized at Acumatica Summit 2020 during the Welcome Reception. They also receive the benefits of an Acumatica MVP Badge to display on their profile. The recognition as a key member of the Acumatica community is an incredible reward, and we are excited to have multiple MVPs on our team.

Learn more about the Acumatica 2020 MVP awards here.

Who are our 2020 MVP winners?

Patricia Bennet is the founder and CEO of PC Bennett Solutions. She has been named as an Acumatica MVP every year since 2016 and brings more than 25 years of experience to her company and customers. Considered a thought leader in the ERP industry, Patricia has developed numerous applications and completed hundreds of successful ERP implementations during her career.



Tim O’Sullivan is the COO for PC Bennett Solutions and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for overseeing company operations as well as technology and distribution. Tim manages consulting services and customer support for PC Bennett Solutions, ensuring each customer is well taken care of.

Patricia, Tim, and the entire PC Bennett team would like to thank Acumatica for this distinct honor. We are thrilled to be part of the Acumatica family and serve as a Gold Partner every day.

What does an MVP win mean for you?

For current and future PC Bennett customers, having multiple MVPs on the team means a lot. We are proud to serve our customers each and every day, and we constantly strive to improve our knowledge and skills. With a successful track record of Acumatica implementations and customer care, PC Bennett Solutions has proven ourselves as a leader in ERP solutions.