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  • Optimize your auto parts inventory, procurement planning, and forecasting
  • Consolidate your software, servers, and databases
  • Get rid of your extra 3rd party software & vendors
  • Get rid of your inefficient and error-prone spreadsheets
  • Connect all your business software systems
  • Run your ERP with fewer headcount
  • Automate processes, save time & money

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What Customers Say About PC Bennett

Introducing AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica

AutoFitmentPlus is a complete and fully integrated automotive aftermarket ERP solution designed to manage your entire aftermarket business from end-to-end. It is built on top of Acumatica Cloud ERP and incorporates resources that make it easy to identify parts in an industry-standard manner.

AutomotiveFitmentPlus software includes:

  • Vehicle Classification Data (Year, Make, Model, Engine Type, etc.) which is maintained and cross-referenced against your Part SKUs so you can establish Fitment parts application.
  • Industry-standard ‘ACES’ (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) Vehicle Classification data automatically loaded into the Acumatica Cloud ERP database and updated automatically on regular intervals.
  • Industry-standard ‘PIES’ (Product Information Exchange Standard) Product Categorization data loaded into the Acumatica Cloud ERP database and automatically updated at regular intervals. PIES data is used to provide information about parts in an industry recognized manner, including attributes and other specifications.
  • VIN Validation and Identification so you can enter a 17-digit VIN number and AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, will identify the type of vehicle it represents.
  • Sales and Service performed on vehicles tracked by VIN, including warranties on parts and service.
  • On-demand Export of data in the ACES, PIES, or SEMA prescribed formats with no manual data manipulation or intervention on your part, providing you with seamless integration to your trading partners and the SEMA data cooperative.

What's more, AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, includes Fitment so you can easily filter available parts on Sales Orders, Service Orders, and even in eCommerce store fronts using the parts properties.

All-In-One Automotive ERP Software

All Your Business, Auto Parts, and Fitment Info in One Location

Unlimited Users at No Additional Cost

Dashboards and Analytics for Smarter Business Decisions

Let The Software Do The Work: Grow Your Business With Fewer Hires

Replenishment and inventory forecasting to free up cash

Automotive ERP for both B2B and B2C

Software that can handle large customers

Cost-efficient ERP with top-shelf functionality

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PC Bennett Customer Testimonials

With Acumatica ERP from PC Bennett, our labor costs have gone down and our inventory control error rate has been reduced.

Bram K.

Acumatica ERP from PC Bennett has allowed us to be a better digital business.

Bryan P.

Acumatica ERP from PC Bennett is a game changer for us. No more manual reconciliation!

Rob B.