Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions

Offering sales promotions to your customers is a great incentive for them to purchase your products. The challenge comes when you integrate those promotions into your sales ordering process.

PC Bennetts Sales Promotions helps you manage those special deals and execute them in Acumatica.

Comprehensive and Flexible Setup

  • Unlimited promotions
  • Discount break points by quantity or amount
  • Per sales order or cumulative within the promo period
  • Discount options: Reduced price, per unit discount, & discount %
  • Discounts optionally applied on top of existing Acumatica discounts
  • May include giving away free or reduced-price items

Complete Visibility during Sales Order Processing in Acumatica ERP

  • Turn off promotions for a given sales order via a checkbox in the header
  • Displays promotion ID and unit price before and after promotion was applied
  • Totals tab displays the total discount amount from all applied promotions

Sales Promotions Webinar