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PC Bennett U.S. Payroll management software simplifies payroll setup, processing and reporting for businesses with a broad range of requirements, from basic to more complex. It is intended for customers that want to process payroll in-house and like the convenience of one solution that works for all areas of their business. Our payroll application is the only embedded payroll solution for Acumatica. This means you get a fully integrated payroll using all the functionality available in Acumatica for a comprehensive solution.

U.S. Payroll is easy to operate. Thoughtfully designed time-saving options offer several advantages such as simplifying the payroll process. Also, being a cloud-based application, U.S. Payroll allows you the flexibility to be as effective in the field as you are in the office.


Acumatica Payroll Management


“US Payroll from PC Bennett allows us to pay our employees from inside of Acumatica. It is more efficient to have payroll integrated with our accounting. It’s easy to use and eliminates manual entries.” Jennifer Tuck, Controller  ISM, Portland, OR


Acumatica Payroll is Easy-to-Operate

Thoughtfully designed time-saving options allow you to process similar payrolls from prior periods with just a few clicks. Alternatively, enter or import your payroll each pay period. Regardless of your preferred method to input payroll, it is easy to make adjustments or manually record checks processed by hand.

Fully Integrated into One Comprehensive Solution

Payroll fully integrates with the Acumatica Financial Management Suite, so it is easy to pay your employees and manage tax filings. There is no need to create labor-intensive manual journal entries to record your payroll as all of your entries automatically connect to your General Ledger.

Freedom to Operate Securely from Any Web-based Device

As with all Acumatica Cloud ERP software, if you have permissions, you have the freedom to access payroll from any web-based device.

  • Secure and accurate information
  • Rapid data entry
  • Flexible options
  • Centralized business management
  • Customized reports and inquiries

* Please note that Fixed Assets, Inter-Company Accounting, and Payroll are sold separately.


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