Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the solutions automotive parts manufacturers need to manage their entire business - including production, supply chain management, customer management, and financials. With a fully integrated ERP and production management system, Acumatica Cloud ERP will provide real-time insight into your entire business so you can react to customer needs and better manage your business.

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP for Automotive Parts Manufacturers?

With the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, automotive parts manufacturers can manage financials, warehouse management, fulfillment, and customer service. They also have the tools needed to manage their shop floor, plan production, purchase raw materials, and mange even the most complex supply chains.

Many automotive parts manufacturers rely on size-appropriate business management solutions – but these solutions are not business activity appropriate. The result is multiple disconnected tools and spreadsheets that make it even more challenging to managing their business.

The fully integrated Acumatica Cloud ERP provides a single solution for automotive parts manufacturers to manage their entire business. Because it is fully integrated, automotive parts manufacturers have a complete and real-time view of their business so they can make the most informed business decisions possible. And because it is web based and supports mobile devices, information is accessible everywhere and at anytime.

With Acumatica Manufacturing Edition (previously JAMS), I can write a whole entire program’s Purchase Orders in an afternoon, where before it would have been a couple day process.

Bob BourriagueCOO of Ubio Labs, Inc.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition Offers Powerful Solutions For Automotive Parts Manufacturers

Purchasing and Distribution

Manage complex and international supply chains with full integration to Distribution Management and Multi-Currency tools. Utilize requisition tools to source parts or raw materials while reducing costs.

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Cost Tracking

Track material and labor costs as you manufacture automotive parts, and easily compare the actual cost of production against standard and planed production costs.

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Manufacturing Process Support

Acumatica supports make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project-centric, job shop, and batch manufacturing. It also supports repetitive manufacturing processes and can adapt as your practices change and your business grows.

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Meet Schedules

With Acumatica, you can easily develop cost effective and optimized production schedules, control costs and explore what-if scenarios. Meet customer delivery requirements with confidence using Capable-to-Promise (CTP) based on finite capacity and material availability.

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One Solution for Your Business

No disconnected systems or spreadsheets, Acumatica Cloud ERP Manufacturing Edition includes the Distribution Management, Customer Management, Financial Management, and the Project Accounting suites.

Grows with Your Business

Automotive parts manufacturers face the same challenges regardless of the size of their business. Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed to meet the business management needs of automotive parts manufacturers today and as they grow into tomorrow.

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Here are just some of the ways a complete ERP system like Acumatica can help automotive parts manufacturers:

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Better Serve Customers

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a fully integrated system that streamlines business processes so automotive manufactures can easily manage materials planning, production, shipping, invoicing, and accounting.

Drive Internal Procedures to Maximum Profit

Acumatica Cloud ERP makes it easy to track and coordinate resources and inventory so you can simplify complicated supply chain processes and reduce lead times. Advanced materials requirements planning drives purchasing and production management so you can ensure products are shipped on time.

Optimize Production, Inventory, and Sales

Automotive manufacturers can automate business processes across factories, warehouses, and external partners. Additionally, the web-based design of Acumatica Cloud ERP means stakeholders have access to tools and/or information from anywhere, at anytime.

Reduce Time to Market

Acumatica Cloud ERP includes forecasting tools based on sales estimates so automotive parts manufacturers can reduce the time from the receipt of purchase orders to manufacturing and delivering products.

Focus on What Is Important for Your Success

Because it is an integrated solution, Acumatica provides real-time visibility into your entire business. In one system you can view customer demand, factory activity, order status, service information, customer information, financial reporting, supplier information, and more.

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Customer Testimonials

Originally, we were using QuickBooks, and, I mean, you can’t even compare Acumatica to QuickBooks.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices, and more value to the users.

Francisco CalligariCIO at Guardian SealTech

Being able to see what’s going on across our entire business in one snap-shot is invaluable. With Acumatica, our labor costs have gone down and our inventory control error rate have been reduced.

Bram KleppnerCEO of Danforth Pewter

Acumatica has allowed us to be a better digital business. From Sales to Operations, from Admin to C-Level Executives, Acumatica allows us to have insights into data to make good decisions to grow our business in a powerful way.

Bryan PapéFounder & CEO of MIIR

Our payroll requirements are unique, and a critical part of our buying decision was the ability to pay directly from an imported file vs manual data entry into the system. With payroll being time sensitive, this is a big plus.

Lilly EstradaHuman Resource & Payroll Mgr. | C&O Nursery

Flexibility in customization, unlimited users, support from our provider and access from any device were top reasons for our satisfaction.

Curt NortonController | C&O Nursery

Game changer for us was the ability to set-up a Finished Good Item with its Bill of Materials, issue a Production PO, and issue several component level POs from various manufacturers that are all tied together. No more manual reconciliation.

Rob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs

They (PC Bennett Solutions) just know Acumatica so well. Their depth of knowledge was great, and working with owner Patricia Bennett was the same; everyone has been so helpful.

Beth MorriseyVP of Finance and IT | Danforth Pewter