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February 2021

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PC Bennett Brings Home 2021 Acumatica MVP Awards

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Acumatica MVP Winners – 6 Years in a Row!


PC Bennett, an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner, is proud to announce that Patricia Bennett and Tim O’Sullivan are named among the 2021 Acumatica MVP winners. “It makes us very proud, this recognition from our peers and the overall Acumatica community. We are passionate about our business, and this is just one way we know what we are doing is working!” offered Patricia Bennett, a six-time MVP.

With this successive win, PC Bennett is home to three MVPs, including Paul Mainard, VP and Solutions Architect at PC Bennett. Only five Acumatica partners enjoy this special distinction, reinforcing the depth of talent at PC Bennett, and their position as an industry leader.

“It comes as no surprise that PC Bennett has racked up two more MVP awards. They are one of the largest Acumatica-only partners in the world, which speaks directly to their focus and commitment. It is also a great statement as to their exceptional customer service and support.  They truly have a ‘customer for life’ approach.  We are thrilled for them, and expect to celebrate with PC Bennett and their customers at the 2021 Acumatica Summit in July,” said Geoff Ashley, Vice President, Partner Strategy & Programs at Acumatica.

How are 2021 Acumatica MVPs selected?


Acumatica MVPs, or Most Valuable Professionals, are nominated for the distinction by their peers and clients. MVPs are dedicated to their customers and put in the effort and commitment to know Acumatica’s products inside and out. Not only do they know the products and services, but they also share that knowledge with others in their community by participating in forums, online repositories, webinars, and Acumatica engagements.

MVPs were announced during the Acumatica 2021 Virtual Launch Event last week. They also receive the benefits of an Acumatica MVP Badge to display on their profile.

Who are our 2021 MVP winners?

Patricia Bennett, Founder of PC Bennett

Patricia Bennett is the Founder and CEO of PC Bennett Solutions. She has been named as an Acumatica MVP every year since 2016 and brings more than 25 years of experience to her company and customers. Considered a thought leader in the ERP industry, Patricia has developed numerous applications and completed hundreds of successful ERP implementations during her career.

Tim O’Sullivan is the COO for PC Bennett Solutions and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for overseeing company operations as well as technology and distribution. Tim manages consulting services and customer support for PC Bennett Solutions, ensuring each customer is well taken care of.

Patricia, Tim, and the entire PC Bennett team would like to thank Acumatica for this distinct honor. We are thrilled to be part of the Acumatica family and serve as a Gold Partner every day.

What does an MVP win mean for you?


For current and future PC Bennett customers, having multiple MVPs on the team means a lot. We are proud to serve our customers each and every day, and constantly strive to improve their knowledge and skills. With a successful track record of Acumatica implementations and customer care, PC Bennett Solutions has proven ourselves to be a leader in ERP solutions. You can rest assured that you are working with a passionate, knowledgeable, reputable Acumatica partner, and trusted advisor.

Read more about the Acumatica MVP winners here.

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6 Phases of an ERP Implementation Plan

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There are 6 phases that make up any ERP implementation project: Discovery and Planning, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, and Ongoing Support.

Though this is an iterative process, there will be a tendency for phases to overlap, and for movement back and forth between phases.

With our team, who specializes in Automotive Aftermarket software solutions and has over a century of combined experience in financial software and ERP implementations, we have outlined the process we use with our customers. See the steps below.

Click the image above to download the infographic!

ERP Implementation Plan

1. Discovery and Planning

This first phase begins during the sales process and then continues post-sale. During this period, the project team will be created. There will be initial meetings and documentation developed as the team works to identify current issues and potential solutions. An important part of this phase is constructing the project plan, which will serve as a guide throughout the rest of the project.

2. Design

We’re not talking about painting the office or rearranging furniture. Instead, what will the new enterprise-wide system look like and how will it be used in the organization? In the ERP Design phase, the project team and implementation team will be working out the various configurations for the new system, defining roles, and documenting standard procedures.

3. Development

The purpose of the development phase is to prepare the entire system for going live. This includes activities such as completing any necessary customizations, developing user trainings, and importing data. With ERP implementations, like any custom software development projects – “First, Solve the problem. Then, write the code.”

4. Testing

Is the system’s functionality aligning with the set requirements for the project? The Testing and Development phases will often overlap, as the implementation and project teams jump between the two – constantly fine tuning the configuration. By the end of this phase, project team members will be comfortable doing their jobs in the new system. This is the final step before diving into the live system.

5. Deployment

The project team and implementation team will assess the situation and make the final go or no-go decision. Prior to going live, the final data will be loaded and validated. The project team will train other employees who will then start working in the new system, and completely stop using the old one.

6. Ongoing Support

Once the ERP system has gone live, the purpose of the project team will shift. Over time, as the way the users work within the system evolves, adjustments and changes to the system configuration may be needed.


Next Steps

We hope this article serves as a valuable resource to you and your organization when exploring automotive ERP projects as well as other enterprise systems. Other articles you might find of interest or of use in your ERP research include:

If you are interested in auto parts inventory and management software or automotive aftermarket ERP solutions that can manage your company from end to end, these articles might be helpful:

Specializing in software solutions for the Automotive After Market industry, PC Bennett has been implementing ERP systems and providing ongoing ERP support for companies since 2002, and we are happy to assist as we know ERP selection and implementation can be a large endeavor.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact PC Bennett.



PC Bennett Solutions offers a personalized, full-service experience for customers by implementing business management technology. Through a hands-on approach, PC Bennett Solutions helps companies get the most out of their software system. The team provides training, implementation and customization of Acumatica. Headquartered in the Seattle area, PC Bennett Solutions is one of the largest exclusive Acumatica resellers. For more information, visit

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How to Eliminate Your Auto Parts Inventory Spreadsheet

By Acumatica, Auto Parts Database Software, Automotive Aftermarket

Learn How to Reduce Your Reliance on Spreadsheets and Better Manage Your Business


Everybody loves spreadsheets, right?

Spreadsheets are cheap, easy, and convenient — and often frequently contain errors — from a miscopied formula (or a formula initially entered incorrectly) to simple typos. They also require a lot of administrative upkeep and endless formatting.

Perhaps worst of all is that frustrating spreadsheet issue where all the spreadsheets are accurate and well-formatted — but you look at the wrong version (or the correct, but un-updated, version) by mistake and act on out-of-date information.

It’s time to talk about how to get rid of your auto parts inventory spreadsheets forever.

ERP Can Help Reduce Your Dependence on Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet irritations are one of the biggest issues in growing companies. However, most business leaders are so used to dealing with spreadsheet hassles that they cannot fully imagine how much time and energy they could save if they simply replaced their spreadsheets with a better tool.

Most growing automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors choose to replace those pesky spreadsheets with an ERP solution.  

Here is why:

  • Less error-prone manual data entry

ERP systems are typically set up to automatically integrate your auto parts inventory information from sales orders/shipping and purchase orders/receiving data. ERP users rarely have to manually update stock counts, which significantly cuts down on errors.

  • No formatting hassles

Modern ERPs are built to display your auto parts inventory information properly on any device: a desktop, a laptop, a warehouse display monitor, a tablet, a phone, or even a handheld scanner – with no formatting tweaks required.

  • Always up-to-date inventory data

With an ERP, you can trust that you, your staff, and your customers are seeing up-to-the-second inventory data at all times, whether they’re looking at your eCommerce store website, a computer in your brick-and-mortar locations, or a mobile device.

How to Choose an ERP

The best way to determine which ERP will meet your needs is to work with an ERP consultant who will help you perform a fair and balanced assessment of all your ERP options.

Here are a few pointers to help you start thinking about your needs before your ERP consultation:

  • Choose cloud-based ERP. The “new normal” of lockdowns and limited staff-in-person counts mean that you need a better way to ensure that your data is securely available to employees wherever they are. Cloud ERPdelivers that flexibility.
  • Select an ERP that integrates with your industry. There are a lot of cloud ERPs out there, but not many of them fit the needs of automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors. An industry-specific ERP is necessary if you truly want to get rid of your auto parts inventory spreadsheet.

Ensure that the solution you choose:

  • Integrates with vehicle classification data, including ACES, PIES, SEMA, and VIN Validation & Identification
  • Automatically updates ACES, PIES, and SEMA data for you, so you can reduce or eliminate your manual data entry and database lookup time
  • Filters auto parts inventory by year, make, model, engine type, color, etc.
  • Connects to your eCommerce storefront in real time, saving you the effort it takes to manually copy and paste data between your ERP and webstore
  • Is an all-in-one tool for your business to manage financials, inventory, logistics, sales, eCommerce, production, purchasing, costing, supply chain management, customer notifications, and service management

Start Your Search with AutoFitmentPlus Powered by Acumatica

AutoFitmentPlus powered by Acumatica is the automotive ERP designed by auto enthusiasts for auto enthusiasts – and it is also one of the most comprehensive automotive aftermarket ERP solutions on the market.

Developed by PC Bennett, the high-performance driving and motorsports team of Acumatica experts, AutoFitmentPlus is the right tool for the job when you’re ready to get rid of your auto parts inventory spreadsheet for good.


Schedule your consultation to learn more. 


PC Bennett Solutions offers a personalized, full-service experience for customers by implementing business management technology. Through a hands-on approach, PC Bennett Solutions helps companies get the most out of their software system. The team provides training, implementation and customization of Acumatica. Headquartered in the Seattle area, PC Bennett Solutions is one of the largest exclusive Acumatica resellers. For more information, visit