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PC Bennett specializes in selling and supporting Acumatica, the next generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that combines comprehensive business systems into one browser-based solution. Acumatica is designed for small and mid-size businesses using modern .NET technology, providing everything you need to manage all aspects of your business:

    • Financial accounting
    • Distribution management
    • Project management
    • Manufacturing
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Document management
    • Business intelligence (BI)
    • Payroll
Acumatica Cloud ERP

Using the browser-based Acumatica suite that runs either in the cloud or on your own servers, your entire organization can securely access their systems anywhere. The team at PC Bennett believes that Acumatica’s integrated business solutions will help you meet your customers’ needs now and as you grow because they offer you these crucial benefits: greater adaptability, scope of functionality, and choice.

Adaptability: Empower your people and facilitate business growth

In today’s competitive business environment, the faster you can respond to change the greater your success. Many older software systems are inflexible by design, inevitably handicapping your efforts to improve and better manage your company. Acumatica is intuitive and responsive to your changing needs. It does not force you to change your business processes to match the system design; it adapts so you can better manage how you choose to operate.

The adaptability of Acumatica begins with the setup, allowing each user to tailor the system for his or her specific needs. The user interface is intuitive and flexible, making it easy to train new users and cross-train for a quick ROI. Also, there are no full-time versus part-time users like you might find with other systems. As your company grows, the user license model allows every user full access to all the functionality of the suite.

Scope: Discover comprehensive functionality in one solution

Acumatica built their suite from the ground up on a single database. Their goal was to provide a browser-based solution that used end-to-end functionality to cover all aspects of your business.

This design means the applications are embedded and not just integrated as you might find in other products. This comprehensive functionality works together seamlessly. All of your business management needs including financial accounting, manufacturing, sales management, purchasing and inventory management, import and export, project management, document management, reporting, workflow and CRM, are there and ready for you to use in your business today.

Choice: Choose what you use, where you use it, and how you license it

From the user interface to the licensing model, you are in control with three different deployment options depending on your budget. And, if your needs change, you can easily switch to a different model. For example, starting with a cloud version and then switching to an on-premise model is not a problem with Acumatica. Your work is preserved and accessible regardless of the deployment option you initially choose.

Once the software is installed, you can decide which features and functions you want to use. All of the applications within the suite you selected are always available to unlimited users at no additional charge. If you have a specific requirement that is unique to your business, the Acumatica.NET source code is provided if you want to customize your software. While most of our customers select PC Bennett to help with customization, there is a large pool of available .NET resources that can easily work with your system.

I think the big appealing thing for us is their licensing strategy. It’s a flat cost. The fact that you can add as many users as you want, that was a big deal for us.

Bob BourriagueCOO of Ubio Labs, Inc.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Software
The customizable software that allows your entire organization to retrieve and act upon real-time business data so users can work anywhere using any device with a browser.

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  • Comments that leading analyst have expressed about the ERP environment today
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