Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition

With the fully integrated Acumatica Field Service Edition, automotive field service technicians can get a real-time view into customer service activities and quickly respond to customer requests.

Why Acumatica Cloud ERP for Field Service Management?

Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition provides the tools needed to better manage automotive field service technicians. Dispatchers can use powerful scheduling tools to streamline the dispatch process, reduce response times, and minimize costs. Because it is fully integrated with Acumatica, automotive field service technicians can access CRM, inventory, sales, purchasing, accounting and financial reporting.

Acumatica Field Service Edition also makes it easy to view customer account details and service history. It allows remote service technicians to provide estimates, order parts, and much more. Because it is web-based, Acumatica Field Service runs on any mobile device making it the ideal solution for field service technicians providing service to remote clients.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition

Acumatica Cloud ERP Field Service Edition Offers Powerful Solutions For Automotive Field Service Technicians

Service Management

Dispatch Calendar Board allows dispatchers to assign the right automotive field service technician to the job every time.

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Equipment Management

Sold as a separate module, Equipment Management tracks customer products and schedules preventative maintenance.

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Advanced Financials

Augment Acumatica’s base financials with advanced financial capabilities, including General Ledger consolidation, sub-accounts, and automatic revenue recognition.

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Here are just some of the ways a complete ERP system like Acumatica can help automotive field services teams:

Acumatica Visual Scheduling Board

Scheduling, Dispatching and Call Center

Field Service makes it easy for dispatchers to schedule the right service technician, at the right time, with the right skills to a service request. With full insight into customer and product information, it is quick and easy to capture service requests. It also helps dispatchers reduce the time between the initial customer request and assigning the right service technician to the job.

The graphical dispatch board allows dispatchers to drag-and-drop when creating or adjusting service schedules. Acumatica also includes the tools to create daily or weekly schedules automatically.

Mobile Service Management

Remote service technicians remain connected with native iOS and Android apps. Service technicians can easily access customer information from anywhere and at anytime. They can easily log service activities, travel time, billing rates all from their mobile device. Because Acumatica is web based, field service technicians can access these tools on the full spectrum of mobile devices or their laptop.

Emergency Service Calls

Acumatica makes it easy to handle emergency and unplanned service calls. With Acumatica, it is easy to see how unplanned service calls affect an existing service technician’s schedule. It is also easy to determine which service technician is least impacted by an emergency call. What’s more, Acumatica will automatically send service technicians a new service order or changes to planed service routes.

Equipment Maintenance

Acumatica makes it easy to view the complete maintenance history for customer equipment. Because Field Service is fully integrated with Acumatica, dispatchers  know when parts are in stock or when they need to enter quotes, orders, and installation/service tickets. Acumatica can even schedule preventative maintenance orders. Furthermore, dispatchers can associate customer equipment with recurring maintenance schedules and contracts in Acumatica Customer Management (additional module).

Inventory Management

Dispatchers can easy to track the location of inventory and tools across many locations. Furthermore, dispatchers can monitor the status shortages because inventory and purchasing are fully integrated. Acumatica can also trigger replenishment orders automatically. When your company receives inventory, Acumatica can commit inventory received to specific locations and alert dispatchers that parts are available for unscheduled appointments.

Service Contract Management

Automotive Field Service companies receive a significant amount of revenue from recurring service contracts. Acumatica makes it easy to monitor contract renewal dates so it is easy to maintain this revenue stream. What’s more, dashboards can alert dispatchers and service technicians about expiring contracts. Using the Schedule Calendar, dispatchers can fine tune appointments and manage multiple service schedules for each customer.

Google Map Routing

Maps Integration

Field Service provides mapping tools so you can efficiently schedule service calls for your field service technicians. The real-time graphical interface makes it easy to find customer locations, drive times, and the distance between service locations. Acumatica instantly updates the information on the mobile device used by field service technicians with changes to routes or daily schedules.

Route Planning

Acumatica includes powerful mapping tools so you can provide field service technicians with optimized travel plans for their daily schedule. Route planning is plotted in Google Maps which also shows available service technicians and equipment. Dispatchers can use graphical tools to view planned services routes, the status of each route, and to make changes. Additionally, Google Maps services optimizes travel routes or reduces travel times by adjusting routes to avoid known traffic issues.

Warranty Management

Field service companies know warranty management is a required but a challenging and time consuming task. Acumatica makes it easy to manage warranty offers and to see which parts are under warranty so dispatchers and field service technicians can set proper customer expectations. It also helps reduce customer confusion, as well as incorrect and disputed charges. Furthermore, Acumatica supports multi-dimensional contracts (different warranty periods for different components in one system) from sale to service which increases billing accuracy.

Dashboards and Business Intelligence

Acumatica includes Business Intelligence (BI) tools so dispatchers and managers can stay up-to-date. Acumatica makes it easy to create personalized dashboards so dispatchers can view the real-time status of service calls or to identify service trends. Microsoft Power BI also makes it easy to incorporate data from other systems for more holistic business insights.

Team Approach to Sales and Service

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides remote service technicians with a 360-degree view of customers. With access to CRM, field service technicians can view quotes, service contracts, parts availability and even marketing information. When sales teams enter an order for new equipment, Acumatica makes it easy to schedule the appropriate service technician for an installation appointment.

Track Projects and Costs

Field Service makes it easy to manage small projects and large ones too. When working on large projects, Acumatica Project Accounting (add-on module) makes it easy to track and bill for each phase of the project. Project Accounting also tracks actual project costs so you can compare against original and revised budgets.

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Customer Testimonials

Originally, we were using QuickBooks, and, I mean, you can’t even compare Acumatica to QuickBooks.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices, and more value to the users.

Francisco CalligariCIO at Guardian SealTech

Being able to see what’s going on across our entire business in one snap-shot is invaluable. With Acumatica, our labor costs have gone down and our inventory control error rate have been reduced.

Bram KleppnerCEO of Danforth Pewter

Acumatica has allowed us to be a better digital business. From Sales to Operations, from Admin to C-Level Executives, Acumatica allows us to have insights into data to make good decisions to grow our business in a powerful way.

Bryan PapéFounder & CEO of MIIR

Our payroll requirements are unique, and a critical part of our buying decision was the ability to pay directly from an imported file vs manual data entry into the system. With payroll being time sensitive, this is a big plus.

Lilly EstradaHuman Resource & Payroll Mgr. | C&O Nursery

Flexibility in customization, unlimited users, support from our provider and access from any device were top reasons for our satisfaction.

Curt NortonController | C&O Nursery

Game changer for us was the ability to set-up a Finished Good Item with its Bill of Materials, issue a Production PO, and issue several component level POs from various manufacturers that are all tied together. No more manual reconciliation.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

They (PC Bennett Solutions) just know Acumatica so well. Their depth of knowledge was great, and working with owner Patricia Bennett was the same; everyone has been so helpful.

Beth MorriseyVP of Finance and IT | Danforth Pewter