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Today’s Agriculture Business Requires Technology

As the scale of the farming operations grow, so does the complexity of running the business, leaving considerable opportunities to use technology to assist with efficiencies. So, what does your business really need? ERP is what you need. ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is a single solution that runs the vital backend of your business including CRM, Finance, Distribution and Logistics, eCommerce, Business Intelligence and more. As an all-in-one business solution, ERP has many advantages including eliminating double entry for disparate solutions, reducing human error and providing a single database for reporting and analytics.

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C&O Nursery is a mid-size enterprise agriculture company located in the eastern portion of Washington State. They are a grower of many varieties of apple, cherry, and pear trees. C&O Nursery upgraded their existing ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP, to Acumatica so they could easily customize the software to fit specific business processes.

They implemented:

  • Acumatica Financial Management Suite
  • Acumatica Distribution  Management Suite

They gained:

  • Better automation and efficiency of business processes
  • Access to the same real-time data across multiple locations or geographies
  • Ability to add additional users without complex setup and fees
  • Real-time, custom or complex reports
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Crop Management

Both crop and field management can be managed seasonally. You can handle space planning, revenue forecasting, fertilization planning and pesticides tracking as effectively.

Human Resources

Built in is the ability to manage payroll for different labor types including full time employees, seasonal and piecework IRS form 943. Also, you can apply labor costs into different products and areas of business in the general ledger.

Mobility/Cloud Based

Function as effectively while in the field as when in the office with GPS location tracking, real-time reporting, upload pictures remotely and answer client questions while on tour in the field.

Data Analytics/Forecasting

Combining Power BI and Power Analytics, we can empower your entire organization. Discover insights and create visually stunning analytics for financials, water consumption, soil and nutrients pH and yield results.

All-In-One Business Solution

Eliminate double entry for disparate solutions, reduce human error and single database for reporting and analytics are all included.

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