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The modern Cloud ERP Solution for managing your entire automotive aftermarket business.

Are you using one of the following software solutions to manage your automotive aftermarket business?

  • A decades-old automotive aftermarket industry-specific solution.
  • Your own mix of disconnected accounting, inventory, manufacturing, CRM, and eCommerce solutions that evolved over time.
  • A fairly modern ERP solution that has none of the industry-specific functionality you need.

You’ve likely put up with many of the same issues as your peers and kept adding more employees as a “fix.” Issues like:

  • Errors and inefficiencies caused by manual systems impacting customer services levels.
  • Lower profits due to excess manual effort required to process customer orders.
  • Inaccurate inventory information shared across multiple sales channels causing order fulfillment issues.
  • Re-keying of eCommerce orders with related errors and increased data entry costs.
  • Stifled growth due to technology limitations.
  • Inability to respond quickly and efficiently in times of crisis like COVID-19.
  • Innovations in your business that seem good but also end up creating another inefficient manual process.

And it’s all because, while times have changed, ERP software for the Automotive Aftermarket hasn’t. Until now.

Automotive Aftermarket Cloud ERP Software

Introducing AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica

AutoFitmentPlus is a complete and fully integrated solution designed to manage your entire automotive aftermarket business effectively and efficiently from end-to-end. It is built on top of Acumatica Cloud ERP and incorporates resources that make it easy to identify parts in an industry standard manner.

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AutomotiveFitmentPlus includes:

  • Vehicle Classification Data (Year, Make, Model, Engine Type, etc.) which is maintained and cross-referenced against your Part SKUs so you can establish Fitment parts application.
  • Industry-standard ‘ACES’ (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) Vehicle Classification data automatically loaded into the Acumatica Cloud ERP database and updated automatically on regular intervals.
  • Industry-standard ‘PIES’ (Product Information Exchange Standard) Product Categorization data loaded into the Acumatica Cloud ERP database and automatically updated at regular intervals. PIES data is used to provide information about parts in an industry recognized manner, including attributes and other specifications.
  • VIN Validation and Identification so you can enter a 17-digit VIN number and AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, will identify the type of vehicle it represents.
  • Sales and Service performed on vehicles tracked by VIN, including warranties on parts and service.
  • On-demand Export of data in the ACES, PIES, or SEMA prescribed formats with no manual data manipulation or intervention on your part, providing you with seamless integration to your trading partners and the SEMA data cooperative.

What’s more, AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, includes Fitment so you can easily filter available parts on Sales Orders, Service Orders, and even in eCommerce store fronts using the parts properties.

Free With New Acumatica Purchase from PC Bennett!

Are you looking for a new solution to manage your Automotive Aftermarket business?

AutoFitmentPlus Powered by Acumatica brings together industry-specific tools with the power and reliability of Acumatica Cloud ERP in a single platform.

What’s more, AutoFitmentPlus is free when you purchase a new Acumatica system from PC Bennett Solutions!

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Ready to learn more about AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica?

About AutoFitmentPlus by PC Bennett

Automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors face unique challenges. Customers need parts for automobiles produced by many different manufacturers, and each manufacturer has multiple models that differ from year-to-year – not to mention model variants, style, color, and quality.

The inventory management and production challenges to supply this industry are daunting. And these challenges don’t even take into account the typical challenges faced by businesses – managing financials, inventory, logistics, sales, eCommerce, and more.

The lack of industry-specific solutions has forced many automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors to develop home grown systems, use one-off spreadsheets, or to rely on paper catalogs. The end result is inefficient parts lookup, decreased customer satisfaction, and all to often inaccurate inventory.

AutoFitmentPlus Powered by Acumatica includes industry-specific tools such as Fitment, ACES, and PIES fully integrated with Acumatica Cloud ERP. With one system, automotive manufacturers and distributors can manage their financials, inventory, sales, procurement, logistics, and more – all while identifying parts and part application in an industry standard way.

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Benefits of AutoFitmentPlus by PC Bennett

Accurate Inventory and Inventory Details

Acumatica Cloud ERP provides real-time insight into inventory levels and inventory location. What’s more, with AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, you can easily filter and identify the parts needed to meet your customer’s needs.

Single System to Manage your Entire Business

AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, provides a single system to manage financials, inventory, sales (both customer present and online), purchasing, and more. With AutoFitmentPlus, you also have access to industry standard resources to simplify parts lookup and inventory management.

Increase Efficiency

AutoFitmentPlus is fully integrated with popular automotive and catalog databases including SEMA, ACES, and PIES. No more time-consuming manual database updates, maintaining one-off spreadsheets, or searching for paper catalogs to reference. AutoFitmentPlus updates these databases regularly – and the updates are instantly reflected in Acumatica.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Because you have a single solution for parts lookup, making sales, managing inventory, reviewing customer history and more – you can quickly and easily respond to customer inquiries. Additionally, with Fitment you can quickly identify options so customers can select the part they want or identify alternatives for their application.

Commerce Enabled ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP goes beyond other eCommerce solutions to provide commerce enabled ERP – meaning your web store is fully integrated with Acumatica. Changes to inventory and pricing in Acumatica are instantly reflected on your web store. What’s more, because AutoFitmentPlus, Powered by Acumatica, is fully integrated, parts information is easily accessible over the web for a better customer shopping experience.

Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

With Acumatica Cloud ERP, you can access your system from anywhere at anytime, so you always have access to the tools you need to provide service to customers.

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Customer Testimonials

Originally, we were using QuickBooks, and, I mean, you can’t even compare Acumatica to QuickBooks.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

Acumatica was by far the most robust Cloud ERP offering. It offers more functionality, better prices, and more value to the users.

Francisco CalligariCIO at Guardian SealTech

Being able to see what’s going on across our entire business in one snap-shot is invaluable. With Acumatica, our labor costs have gone down and our inventory control error rate have been reduced.

Bram KleppnerCEO of Danforth Pewter

Acumatica has allowed us to be a better digital business. From Sales to Operations, from Admin to C-Level Executives, Acumatica allows us to have insights into data to make good decisions to grow our business in a powerful way.

Bryan PapéFounder & CEO of MIIR

Our payroll requirements are unique, and a critical part of our buying decision was the ability to pay directly from an imported file vs manual data entry into the system. With payroll being time sensitive, this is a big plus.

Lilly EstradaHuman Resource & Payroll Mgr. | C&O Nursery

Flexibility in customization, unlimited users, support from our provider and access from any device were top reasons for our satisfaction.

Curt NortonController | C&O Nursery

Game changer for us was the ability to set-up a Finished Good Item with its Bill of Materials, issue a Production PO, and issue several component level POs from various manufacturers that are all tied together. No more manual reconciliation.

Bob BourriagueCOO at Ubio Labs, Inc.

They (PC Bennett Solutions) just know Acumatica so well. Their depth of knowledge was great, and working with owner Patricia Bennett was the same; everyone has been so helpful.

Beth MorriseyVP of Finance and IT | Danforth Pewter